Time Series Database Management
For Microsoft Windows.

Dbank Time Series Warehousing

I. Introduction

II. Common Data Managment Problems

III. Technology Overview

IV. Loading Data

V. Implementation Requirements

VI. Development of Dynamic Spreadsheets

VII. Economic Information Sharing and Internet publication

VIII. Automated Internet publication

IX. Summary


VII. Automated Internet Publication

Automated Internet publication is one of the most important components of Dbank for Windows. It saves manpower in preparing and publishing statistical tables on the Internet, especially tables containing daily statistical information, which require significant investments of time and effort. Pre-designed table templates perform automatic computations and publish to the Internet. The whole process can be done automatically without manual effort.

· The Windows NT auto scheduler can open the Excel application at a specific time of day.

· Excel can load a specific spreadsheet file, containing a pre-designed format and VBA codes.

· Excel can perform the re-computation work thoroughly.

· VBA can save the new file in htm format and publish it on the Internet.

The key to this operation involves making date changes dynamically and automatically, without any manual intervention.





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