Time Series Database Management
For Microsoft Windows.

Dbank Time Series Warehousing

I. Introduction

II. Common Data Managment Problems

III. Technology Overview

IV. Loading Data

V. Implementation Requirements

VI. Development of Dynamic Spreadsheets

VII. Economic Information Sharing and Internet publication

VIII. Automated Internet publication

IX. Summary

IV. Loading Data

Dbank for Windows can read directly in numerous data formats, including the AREMOS “TSD” format, the DRI/Economics “CITIBASE TAPE” file format, Excel spreadsheets, TSP, as well as the IMF’s International Financial Statistics (IFS) CD-ROM format, and the IMF’s “packed” and “unpacked” file format used to distribute the IFS, Balance of Payments Statistics, Government Financial Statistics, and Direction of Trade Statistics on magnetic tapes.

In addition, Visual Basic/Visual Basic for Applications (VB/VBA) is available to process any non-standard flat-files into the database, e.g. (1) pull the time-series data from the mainframe and convert them into time-series database format; (2) convert various non-standard database formats into the time-series database format; (3) convert spreadsheet data to the time-series database format, etc. Most forms of electronic data can be converted into the database format. It is also able to export data to many statistical packages and spreadsheet programs for further data processing.





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