Time Series Database Management
For Microsoft Windows.

Dbank Time Series Warehousing

I. Introduction

II. Common Data Managment Problems

III. Technology Overview

IV. Loading Data

V. Implementation Requirements

VI. Development of Dynamic Spreadsheets

VII. Economic Information Sharing and Internet publication

VIII. Automated Internet publication

IX. Summary


I. Introduction

Corporations and institutions such as Central Banks typically collect and manage large volumes of time-series data, and there is often a need to automate data collection, eliminate redundant data input, and create centralized storage facilities. Doing so promotes accurate and timely sharing of economic data with interested users.

Dbank allows corporations to build large, centralized databases at a fraction of the normal cost. By making the data easily accessibly from Microsoft Excel, Dbank quickly pays for itself by generating substantial efficiency gains.

The basic approach involves using Microsoft Visual Basic and Dbank's time-series object model (a DCOM object) to build centralized databases. Dbank's time-series object allows corporations to

· Store time-series data in one or several logical databases that can be easily accessed by all users simultaneously;

· Eliminate dependency on spreadsheets for data management, but fully utilize the power and techniques of spreadsheets for all data management, consolidation, statistical analysis, the creation of graphs and charts, and the production of tables/reports;

· Facilitate access to longer-term/historical time-series data, especially for research purposes and for ad hoc reporting;

· Eliminate data redundancy and re-keying of data; and

· Facilitate the publication of time-series macroeconomic data on the Internet.

A number of central banks have already adopted Dbank for Windows, including the Central Banks of Malaysia, Philippines, Venezuela, and the International Monetary Fund. The approach of linking Excel to a time-series backend has proven to be effective and popular with their end users.


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