Time Series Database Management
For Microsoft Windows.

Dbank Time Series Warehousing

I. Introduction

II. Common Data Managment Problems

III. Technology Overview

IV. Loading Data

V. Implementation Requirements

VI. Development of Dynamic Spreadsheets

VII. Economic Information Sharing and Internet publication

VIII. Automated Internet publication

IX. Summary


V. Implementation Requirements

In terms of specific the hardware requirements for the implementation of this approach, a desktop standard, consisting of a 400 Mhz (or faster) Pentium processor, 64 MB RAM, and 6GB hard disks, is sufficient. It is also necessary to designate one high-end Intel-based server to host the shared database. The hardware should be a Pentium Pro/III, dual processor with at least 256 MB RAM and a 40 GB RAID drive or higher. This server should run under Windows NT with service pack 6 or higher (including Windows 2000), however Windows 95/98 is also acceptable (but not recommended).

For the software environment, the adoption of a simplified client/file-server model is recommended, so that Excel and the time-series data manager are installed and run on client desktops, but Dbank databases are stored on a shared networked file server. In cases where specific components of the database may need to be restricted to users in particular departments, e.g., for purposes of confidentiality or accountability, it is recommended that the database to be segmented into separate physical compartments or files, but combined logical databases (in the sense that they reside in the same directory). In this way, selected databases may be assigned security or restricted access limits that are imposed and controlled by the operating system itself. In this case, an Administrator of the system would retain the ability to set security and restrict file access to the selected but limited set of users. If this kind of secure access is imposed, the client software (both Excel and Dbank for Windows) will be unable to access that component e.g., the secure set of data, in the absence of specific user rights being assigned by the Administrator.

As a summary:

Hardware Recommendations

Workstations: Pentium class for each end user with minimum of 64 MB RAM

File Server: Pentium Pro/III, dual processor, 256+ MB RAM, 40 GB RAID drive

Network: Standard LAN for file server and workstations.

Software Recommendations

Server operating system: Windows NT version 4.0, Service pack 6 or higher, or

Windows 2000

Workstation operating system: Windows 9X, NT, or 2000

Spreadsheet for reports and analysis: Excel 97 or higher

Data access/analysis: Dbank for Windows (dbank@singnet.com.sg)

Standard report/screen systems: Excel and VBA

Security/Access Control: NT/2000 file-level.

Recommended Project Team Recommendations

At least one IT staff: Needed to support infrastructure requirements, assist in the design of the coding system, and facilitate data transfers between systems

Two Economic Department Staff: To coordinate the identification, learn Dbank for Windows, develop Excel templates, and assist other statistical staff.

(Optional) One outside expert: On an as needed part-time basis to assist with implementation, including initial installation of hardware and software, training of staff, spreadsheet development, etc.

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