Time Series Database Management
For Microsoft Windows.

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SQL Engine

> Dbank's "tsDatabase" COM Object (Pdf Manual)

Dbank’s setup program installs a dynamic link library (“readdb.dll”) that defines a timeseries
database object model (or a COM library) for time-series storage. This object
allows you to build Dbank time-series databases using Microsoft SQL Server. Dbank’s
database object can be accessed from Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic for
Applications, Active Server Pages, Power Builder, and Visual C++. Together with
Dbank’s time-series object, dbTimeSeries, Dbank’s database object allows third party
programmers to build powerful, customized time-series solutions.

The purpose of the above manual is to provide a brief, but comprehensive, description of
Dbank’s time-series database object model. The database object has methods for
creating and managing Dbank time-series databases, manipulating Dbank groups, and
managing persistent time-series variables (including their footnotes).

A separate license is needed to use Dbank’s SQL time-series storage engine. In
particular, purchasing a copy of Dbank itself does not grant the purchaser the right to use
the SQL backend.

The above manual assumes that your base language is either Visual Basic (VB) or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).


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